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Prefalz Aluminium

The aluminium for roofing and façades

Prefalz is a semi-finished pre-painted aluminium with the use of Coil-Coating methods and complies to strict standards ECCA (European Coil Coating Association). Thanks to its flexibility, Prefalz is easier to work than other similar materials and offers the designer many creative possibilities regarding the roof and façade. The high quality of the material also makes it durable and low maintenance. Prefalz is available in strips of 0,7 x 650; the alloy, the mechanical characteristics and the type of coating are specifically designed for manufacturing with the seaming technique.

- Multiplicity of use: from arched roofs up to complicated constructions, domes or roofs with large surfaces.
- Wide range of standard colours with short lead times, with the addition of the new finish P10.
- High Quality.
- Warranty of 40 years on the functionality of the roof 
- Inexpensive, simple and easy to assemble even with low temperatures.
- Minimum weight (approx. 1.23 kg / ml = 2.2 kg / sqm)
- Long life service thanks to high quality paints.
- Contained charges for maintenance.
- Fully recyclable.

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