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Giovedì, 05 Giugno 2014

Opened the Abitalia Hôtel Viareggio: 2500 mq of white aluminum

It was opened last April, the Abitalia Hotel in Viareggio. A geometric design modern architecture with a coating of great impact: part of the facades are made ​​by white aluminum RAL 9010. An intervention that we have been engaged for about 3 months and it has taken more than 2500 square meters of aluminum. The performance of aluminum, especially in terms of durability, are perfect for building near the sea and offer to the designers great aesthetic opportunities.

The project is based on the presence of aluminum as a characterizing element. But the role of aluminum is also functional and therefore is presented as a solution capable of responding to a double level of needs. During the installation process we took care of the entire cycle, by finding the best material on the market, working initially in our workshop based in Valdarno and then on the spot. Finally, we dealt with throughout the installation phase, with a dedicated team who has been involved for more than 60 days on the spot.