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Venerdì, 07 Agosto 2015

Black Aluminium 9005 for a great brand in handmade pottery sector

It 'was one of the most complex projects we have followed, alongside architects and providing specific advice on materials. The goal was to make the outside of a great boutique of a well-known brand of handmade pottery, opening in the heart of Tuscany, in the middle of a district dedicated to high fashion. The design proposed a corrugated effect of the external walls, with a coating tilted about 60 ° with respect to the ground. To obtain this result it was necessary to work the aluminum plates within our laboratory and then achieve the effect directly in the laying stage, when they have been assembled by interlocking technique.

We used an aluminum Matt Black 9005, thick ten/tenths. The work took place in three phase: the brief on the project, the construction of the first samples with pressure folding plates, the installation at the headquarters of the customer. This last phase, which does not require the use of a skeleton of support for the aluminum, was performed exclusively using cutting sheets to get the inclination of 60 ° required by the project.