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Martedì, 10 Aprile 2012

Vestis Aluminium: a revolutionary material

The Vestis aluminium represents a fundamental innovation in the world of plumbing. Its strong point is the ratio between aesthetic, technical features and cost: one of the best ever.
Actually, it is an aluminium coated with specific characteristics for use in roofs, façades and plumbing works. The coating ensures the metal a very similar tone to the copper one’s (burnished with darker patches), while leaving unaltered the properties of the metal, i.e. great durability, strength and malleability. The Vestis aluminium is also available in different colours, which include the shades of copper during the oxidation stage. Also available in a variety of greenish coloration as the original aluminium. The only real difference is the cost compared to copper: Vestis aluminium ensures a much lower cost and is increasingly used in plumbing construction work for the installation of metal roofs and façades. The Vestis is the best alternative to copper for roofs, façades and plumbing works.

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