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Martedì, 01 Aprile 2014

Prefa Tiles: light and resistant

One of the most popular products for metal roofs: roof tiles PREFA, in 8 different colors, roofs provide durable and aesthetically very refined. Furthermore, with only four tiles is possible to cover the entire surface of a square meter, and then a cover that allows you to purchase relatively low quantities of product even for large surfaces. The base material of aluminum products PREFA consists of alloys in accordance with the standard EN 1396 
. The painting of roof tiles, shingles, scales, gutters, pipes and sheets is according to the coil coating process and is subject to the strict guidelines of the ECCA (European Coil Coating Association).

The accessories available are countless (grondalina, air vents ..) and complete a system that weighs only 2.3 kg/m2 and can be installed simply by using 2 staples patented PREFA for each tile.

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