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The secret is under the coating.
The laying of a metal cover starts from a right substructure.

Our work method provides wholesome interventions, which involve also substructures, both the covers and the façades. In any case, the first step is the check of the structure and the building, in order to identify the best kind of intervention. In particular, we can also produce slopes on floor slabs made of reinforced concrete and use a very broad range of systems and insulation materials.


Covering package with cellular glass insulation Foamglas
It is a warm roof covering system which combines the coating VM ZINC PLUS in double seaming with a film of cellular glass insulation Foamglas.

This kind of system has the following advantages:
- Total waterproofing of water vapour: it’s the ideal system for buildings with very high humidity coefficient
- No mechanical anchoring loops: no risk of thermal bridges or fasteners corrosion
- No need for traditional ventilation

- Corrugated steel plates
- Reinforced concrete or concrete brick
- Wooden planks or panels supports


Types of roofs
- Flat roof with slopes from 5% (3°) up to 170% (60°)
- Convex curved roofs with slopes <3°

All weather conditions.

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Heat reflecting insulation
It consists on a heat-reflecting material constituted by 18 layers. The large thermal properties (thermal performance in place of 5.5 mqK / W ISO 9869), make it one of the best insulation systems.

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Insulation and ventilation panels
Precast panels with different types of insulation, different thickness and ventilation system, allow you to count on an excellent price/quality ratio. The range of available panels also lets you select the best suitable solution to the type of building and the needs of the customer. It is very important to reckon with the final thickness of the panel that, in case of double seaming cover, must not be less than 18 mm.

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